Onderweg naar Londen

An introduction: Nieke in London

Let me introduce myself at Evey’s blog. Hi I’m Nieke and you might have seen me as the “Girl on Skies‘.

After that, Evey has asked me for a guest blog, a kind of blogpost series. I currently live in London for my internship. And this is not the first time, from September 2011 to January 2012 I have lived in London for my 3rd year internship, a productioncompany. I study Communication & Media Design. This time I’m here for my internship, again at a production company.

But, now I’ll set up my own project.

Unlike the last time, I now came to London by myself. But my boyfriend is English (no, I cannot say British) and we live together in an apartment. We are still working to renovate the apartment and the last things to buy. Which means that we are still very busy. I am already working at the internship for 3 weeks now, time goes by quickly, I should almost go thinking where to apply when I finish this job.

Besides it all, I, again,  live in the big city, lovely! You can go everywhere at any time! You never have to worry about whether you will get home. Because, there’s a taxi or bus in every corner of the street. I really don’t have to get used to it all anymore. In januari 2012 I’ve been in London for the entire month, and the rest of the year I made approximately 7 trips to London, to see my boyfriend. I love the atmosphere and the feeling of London, the pubs, the accent and all differences, because there are lot.

I’m going to show you loads of photos in this series and try to do so as generally as possible. This week? Especially pictures of moving and my departure from Instagram, I hope to use my SLR in the future. Enjoy!

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